Traditional Sea Burial Services Across the Country

Paying tribute by scattering ashes at sea shouldn't mean paying more.

In today’s difficult economic times, how do you fulfill the wishes of your loved one while remaining financially responsible?  Burials at Sea has helped hundreds of families through the years find the right vessel for their burial at sea memorial and is A+ Rated by The Better Business Bureau. We work very closely with our licensed Captains to provide the most economic private charter for you and your guests.  In addition to our private charters, we give you a scattering urn and important information about performing a burial at sea. A memorial certificate will be mailed after the service.  Burials at Sea can quickly arrange (24 - 48 hours expedited fees might apply) for a family service attended burial at sea, as we have for so many Hindu families. The average cost today for an attended family service ranges between $900.00 to $1200.00 for a private charter from most of our locations. If you desire to use our family service charter departing from our Manhattan New York location (Chelsea Piers) the average cost is $3500 depending on the time of year and day of week.

When circumstances don’t allow you to be present, Burials at Sea will perform the scattering or Burial at Sea, starting at $225.00 (195.00 for veterans and their immediate family members), includes a memorial certificate, biodegradable urn (Catholic burial). New York Only, other ports call for information. If you’re reading this page, you are probably considering a memorial service for a loved one, allow us to extend our sincerest condolences for your loss, we are here to assist you in every way.

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Our Beginnings

Captain Gus founded Burial at Sea 25 years ago in New York, joining a field of only two other sea burial firms which offered ocean services far away in California. 

A handful of funeral homes conducted sea burials with unattended ash scattering, as did the Neptune Society, an early provider of cremations offering sea burials as an option. 

While other captains ran "side businesses" to sell boat charters, Gus was learning the customs and traditions of sea funerals. Not surprisingly, Burials at Sea’ competitors are long gone and those boat owners who arise from time to time on the Internet quickly learn that serving families' sea burial needs takes expertise and experience that isn't learned by fishing. 

Since then, Burials at Sea has grown into America's leading maritime funeral provider. 

Burials at Sea “wrote the book"

When you browse any other sea burial web site you're probably reading words written by Burials at Sea. Even the copyrighted Burials at Sea "authorization form for sea burial" has been copied and presented on-line by countless imitators.

When Burials at Sea began serving New York's funeral homes, the Internet was still years away. Successful business professionals earned trust by visiting their clients in person. Business was built one customer at a time and that is Burials at Sea’s roots. That is still how we serve families today, with individual, personal service.

No other provider can offer industry references from a quarter century ago. No other provider pre-dates the Internet, where seemingly every fellow with a boat can offer himself as an expert funeral provider. 

While Internet funeral "experts" sell every absurdity imaginable, from exploding cannon ball funerals to cremations on the moon, the professionals at Burials at Sea continue today providing thousands of families with the simple, affordable, timeless tradition of burial at sea. 

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