Various Sea Funeral Services at Your Convenience

Captain's Service

Often families cannot venture to sea or attend a scattering ashes at sea memorial service. Our captains bring the cremated remains on an ocean voyage for you. A dignified sea scattering of ashes or burial at sea is performed and documented, with that documentation provided to you. This is our most popular service, with prices beginning at just $225 (195.00 for veterans and their immediate family members).

While the Captain's Service does not provide for the family or guests to accompany the vessel, specific requests, such as dates or times, special prayers or simple ceremonies are often available. Special planning, however, can add to our costs.  Many ports have seasonal demands and schedules vary at different times of the year.  You may call us for specific fees at the port of your choice.

Most often, cremated remains are received at Burial at Sea home office via priority mail express US Mail, sometimes directly from the funeral home or crematory.  For the specific "Three Easy Steps" to a Captain's Service™. Call us anytime with your specific wishes, or just to discuss our services. Burials at Sea™ will work hard to accommodate your desires while insuring the best value. 

Family Memorial Services

For those families wishing to plan their own memorial voyage, Burials at Sea™ provides the vessel and crew, from the port of your choice. You select the time, place and arrangements and invite as many guests as you wish.  

We have many of crafts at your service. And we can help you plan every detail of this special memorial.   As your voyage will be a first-time maritime funeral experience for many of your guests, Burials at Sea™ will work closely with you to make this a fitting memorial occasion, carefully evaluating your needs and desires to insure a safe, comfortable and memorable day for all.  

First-class family services like these vary greatly in every detail. Likewise, their costs also vary considerably. Average costs for a small group range in the $800 to $1200 area. Larger groups, special services or trips in the height of the recreational boating season can cost more.

Whether your group is large or small, from one guest to several hundred, Burials at Sea™ carefully chosen captains and crews have the licensing and experience to provide a safe, and most memorable trip.

Locations by State

New Jersey:
New York:
North Carolina:
Rhode Island:
South Carolina:
  • Clearwater Florida
  • Fort Lauderdale Florida
  • Miami Florida
  • Destin Florida
  • Stuart Florida
  • Key West Florida
  • Daytona Beach Florida
  • Jupiter Florida
  • Pensacola Florida
  • Palm Beach Florida
  • Naples Florida
  • Savannah
  • Hilton Head South Carolina
  • Hawaii Island (Big Island) Hawaii
  • Maui Hawaii
  • Kauai Hawaii
  • Oahu
  • Annapolis Maryland
  • Ocean City Maryland
  • Boston Harbor Massachusetts
  • Gloucester Massachusetts
  • Provincetown Massachusetts
  • Falmouth Massachusetts
  • Plymouth Massachusetts
  • Quincy Massachusetts
New Jersey:
  • Atlantic City New Jersey
  • Beach Haven New Jersey
  • Point Pleasant New Jersey
  • Jersey City New Jersey for New York Harbor
  • Barnegat Light New Jersey
  • Cape May New Jersey
  • Sandy Hook New Jersey
New York:
  • Chelsea Piers New York
  • Brooklyn New York
  • Fire Island New York
  • Long Island New York
  • Riis Park New York
  • Long Beach New York
  • Bayshore New York
  • Freeport New York
  • Montauk New York
  • Rockaway Beach New York
  • Jones Beach New York
North Carolina:
  • Moore Head City North Carolina
  • Topsail North Carolina
  • Cape Hatteras North Carolina
  • Nags Head North Carolina
  • Emerald Isle North Carolina
  • Atlantic Beach North Carolina
Rhode Island:

Narragansett Rhode Island

South Carolina:
  • Hilton Head Island South Carolina
  • Myrtle Beach South Carolina
  • Galveston Texas
  • South Padre Island Texas
  • Norfolk Virginia
  • Virginia Beach Virginia

Burials at Sea offers information about two Burial at Sea programs for military veterans and their families:

U. S Navy Program

The United States Navy offers a sea burial program free of charge for the following individuals:

Members of the uniformed services,

Retirees and veterans who were honorably discharged from any branch of the service.

Dependent family members of active duty personnel, retirees, and uniformed services veterans.

U.S. civilian marine personnel of the Military Sealift Command.

Both cremated and non-cremated remains can be buried at sea by the Navy. Families cannot attend the service which is performed at a time and date chosen by the Navy.  After completing the necessary forms, the remains must be delivered to one of several ports where the service is available. Where a full body is to be buried at sea, the casket must be prepared according to Navy guidelines and transported by a funeral director at the family's expense.  

More information about the Navy's burial at sea program is available here on Burials at Sea’s site. Simply click on the link below.

US Military Sea Burial performed by Burials at Sea

Burials at Sea Veterans Program

For those veterans wishing a more personal, customized service, or wish to specify a burial location, many veterans and their families choose a private sea burial performed by Burials at Sea.  We offer a variety of services at locations and times you choose. We also provide personal attention that simply cannot be found elsewhere. Burials at Sea offers services that welcome families to accompany the service and design a memorial of their own.

Or, for a little as $195 you may have cremated remains scattered at a location of your choice.  All of the services described on this web site are available to veterans and their families with special considerations given to those who have selflessly given service to their country.

Call Burials at Sea anytime to learn about our veterans programs. We support the World War II Memorial Fund and are grateful for the service our veterans have provided.

For more information concerning eligibility for and other specifics of the United States Navy Mortuary Affairs Burial At Sea Program, please click below.

Read More



Individuals eligible for this program are: (1) active duty members of the uniformed services; (2) retirees and veterans who were honorably discharged. (3) U.S. civilian marine personnel of the Military Sealift Command; and (4) dependent family members of active duty personnel, retirees, and veterans of the uniformed services.


After the death of the individual, for whom the request for Burial-at-Sea is being made, the Person Authorized to Direct Disposition (PADD) may complete a Burial-at-Sea Request Form. Supporting documents which must accompany this request are: (1) a photocopy of the death certificate; (2) the burial transit permit or the cremation certificate; and (3) a copy of the DD Form 214, discharge certificate, or retirement order.


Those for whom a burial flag is authorized: The PADD may send a flag with the remains/cremains. At the time of the burial at sea ceremony the flag will be flown on the assigned ship. Following the burial at sea the flag will be returned to the sender.


Cremains must be in an urn, or plastic/metal container to prevent spillage in shipping. The cremains, along with the completed Burial-at-Sea Request package, and the burial flag will be forwarded to the Burial-at-Sea Coordinator at the desired port of embarkation. Prior to shipment, it is recommended that a phone call be made informing the coordinator of the pending request. It is also recommended that the cremains package be sent via Certified Mail, ‘Return Receipt Requested.’


Specific guidelines are required for the preparation of casketed remains. All expenses incurred in this process are the responsibility of the PADD, who will select a funeral home in the area of the port of embarkation. After this selection has been made and notification has been provided to the coordinator, the casketed remains, the request form, supporting documents, and the burial flag are to be forwarded to the receiving funeral home. The coordinator will make the inspection and complete the checklist for the preparation of casketed remains. It is recommended that funeral homes responsible for preparing and shipping intact remains, contact Navy Mortuary Affairs at the Military Medical Support Office in Great Lakes, Illinois to receive the preparation requirements.


If you have any questions about the Navy's Burial At Sea program, please contact Navy Mortuary Affairs at the Military Medical Support Office in Great Lakes, Illinois at (866) 787-0081. 

This information was provided by Navy Mortuary Affairs. 

Burials at Sea can assist in any sea burial. You may contact us with your questions.